Oral Care Tips For Children

It is important to lay the foundations for good oral health in children as soon as their teeth start to appear. Conditions like tooth decay can be prevented by starting dental care early for your kids. The best way to teach your kids to maintain good oral hygiene is to get them excited or motivated about it. If brushing is something your child does not like to do, try using a colorful toothbrush. Here are some resourceful tips on how to maintain oral hygiene in children.

Start Early

Ideally, you should start oral care for your children way before teeth starts to appear. Starting care as early as possible will ensure that your child will have strong and healthy baby teeth. Before teeth starts to appear, you can clean your baby’s gums after each feeding with a pad soaked in water. When teeth come in, make sure to use the correct toothbrush and brush gently. A soft-bristled toothbrush with a blob of toothpaste can be used to clean baby teeth.

Visit the Dentist Often

As much as adults need checkups at dental clinics, so do children. Kids love to eat sugary foods and this can affect their teeth from an early age. So it is better to go to the dentist as early as possible, preferably around the 1st birthday of your child. This way, you can know if your child has cavities that need to be filled in. Also, the dentist will teach you the correct brushing technique and advice you on overall oral care for your child.

Look for Development Problems

When baby teeth fall off and permanent teeth come in, it is very common that children often have crooked teeth or other alignment problems. At the time when children’s baby teeth shift or fall out in preparation for the permanent teeth, it is necessary to visit a dentist often. Sometimes, you child will need dental braces or teeth may have to be pulled out to make space for new teeth. Finding a dentist who is right for your child’s requirements is also important.

Flossing Is Not Optional

Many parents think flossing is something adults do. But, your child should be encouraged to floss daily to remove bacteria and food particles that are otherwise stuck between teeth. Do not wait till permanent teeth starts to appear to floss your child’s teeth, but as soon as you see baby teeth touching each other, you can start to floss. Make sure to use a product suitable for children and floss gently.

With these simple tips, you can protect your kid’s teeth and maintain good hygiene. You should also teach your child good oral health care habits from an early age.

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