The Green Cleaning Solutions

In the supermarkets nowadays you will find such a wide range of cleaning products all offering you a shiny and spotless finish within a matter of seconds. They all promise to make your life easier by cleaning up in a jiffy. And we also tend to try out these various product in the hope that one day we will find that one bottle of all-purpose cleaner or detergent that actually does what is promises to do. And how many years have all of us been hunting for this oh so perfect product? Many many years. And we have the sink cupboards in our kitchen filled with the various bottles of cleaning liquid that we have tried out and not been satisfied with. But have we ever thought that these could be harmful to our health?

The health issues

These building cleaning liquids contain substances that are highly toxic to both humans and animals. Because they contain either very acidic or very alkaline substances which make it easier to get rid of the dirt and grime for sure, but what about he hands that come into contact with these substances or the amount of these substances that we tend to inhale in the process of cleaning. This itself can have a direct effect on our health. Plus when we are trying to experiment with the various solutions we might end up causing a mini explosion by mixing the wrong substances together. And the smell of these toxic substances is another source of indoor pollution adding to our headaches.

So go natural

So you can think about going green when considering villa & apartment cleaning. Because this will do the exact same job that the toxic cleaning liquids do while preventing any harm that can come your way, with regard to your health. The best green solutions that most people believe do the trick, is lemon juice and vinegar. These two substances guarantee the removal of dirt and grime but in an ecofriendly manner. And some people go as far as to say that they do a better job at cleaning away grease than the cleaning liquids out there in the market. And they don’t have as much of a harmful effect as the store bought chemicals on your hardwood floors and tabletops. Link here for more information about villa and apartment cleaning in Dubai.

So when considering cleaning up your living space, think about the potential health effects and the ways in which you can benefit by using these simple natural products. So stop collecting those bottles of toxic liquids and think green during a cleanup.

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